The Mug & Brush Sessions

The Mug & Brush Sessions taps into the raw emotion of music performance. From regional favorites to national names, the series films intimate performances from a diverse range of popular artists, all in the confines of a barber shop in Columbus, Ohio.

All videos are available to view on our YouTube Channel.

The Mug & Brush Sessions is sponsored in part by Four String Brewery and Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza & Live Music.

The Mug & Brush Session is the brainchild of Jim Morris owner of The Mug & Brush barbershop in Columbus, Ohio. Together with Scioto Records, FWD: Video & Social Branding, and Four String Brewery the sessions are an independent music video series, featuring national and local Columbus artists.
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Published at 2018, August 20
Will Freed performs his original song, "Floating Down A River"